Leviathan of Water




One of the Primal Six, this Eidolon is entrusted with the care of the Planet’s waters, from the calm blue lagoons to the mightiest crashing wave. At his strongest, Leviathan commanded all water, including that contained within the living creatures he so enjoys conversing with.


Weakened unto death by its last battle with the Parasite, Leviathan was transformed by the creature’s corrupting power, shaped into the monstrosity known across the seas as Kraken. Drowning thousands on ship and shore, Kraken all but destroyed the remainder of the Mythras Grand Fleet, as well as sinking six of the seven islands that formed their homeland.

What was left of the feline race rallied and ultimately trapped the wretched horror at the bottom of their home lagoon. While they maintained the prison with ritual and sacrifice, the cat-people forgot what it was they were trapping over the course of many centuries.

Awakened from its forced slumber by the distant call of its corrupted brother Lich, Kraken attracted the nearby Zandstra researchers, whose efforts to study the creature all but freed it, and allowed it to dispatch its minion Wendigo to slay its remaining jailors.

Leviathan was ultimately freed by the power of our Heroes, who gave the Primal’s spirit a place to rest and restore itself, occasionally unleashing its might on their foes in the form of a summon.

Leviathan of Water

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