Final Fantasy

Save Point 1.2


A pair of heavy trucks rumbled up to town, bearing the symbol of Zandstra, and the promise of momentous events for the town of Corneria. The forward truck, filled with ZDF forces, watched carefully over the second, carrying one of the Company’s mysterious generators.

“Zero”, ‘Kupo’, and Cole looked on as the ZDF Captain Cid Vedik ordered his convoy to halt at the town square. Curious Content Not Found: null took a different approach, leaping between trees and rooftops to land in the troop-truck, attempting to chat up the stoic, helmeted soldiers. Their weapons were strange, their manner cold and uncaring, almost mechanical: she got nothing from them but threats.

Cole and Cid debriefed one another, the armored Captain claiming a room at the Inn to rest from a long time on the road. His troops guarded the truck from all observers and curious townsfolk, to the point of shooting Ice, Fire, and Lightning at local wildlife that came too close.

Just as even Cole was becoming curious about these new forces, a village youth raced into the Inn and shouted that monsters from the forest were attacking the town! Zero, Cole, Kupo, and Lilith all raced over to defend the town, followed by Cid and half of his soldiers.

A running battle commenced, fighting to save as many of the villagers as possible from Poison Wolf, led by an enormous Alpha. Cole and Cid grappled with the maddened creatures while Lilith jumped around, using her unique weapon to slaughter monsters while remaining out of their reach. Kupo began her dance, blasting wolves and healing allies and accidentally sending Biggs into a death-like trance while Zero used his powers to ensorcell the fell wolves.

Despite taking serious injuries, the Party eventually prevailed, driving off or destroying the last of their tainted foes. Why these creatures chose now and here to attack, no one knew, but Zero had his suspicions: both he and Lilith examined the path of the wolves, deducing that they had followed the Zandstra generator.

Any attempts to get past the ZDF to examine the generator, to find why the wolves chased it all this way, were unsuccessful: Cole, growing suspicious, ordered one of the troopers to remove his helmet. The man beneath, roughly twenty years of age, had white, waxy skin, as though he had been dead for a long time, despite his continued breathing and moving.

Kupo, frustrated at the lack of progress and understanding, sneaked on top of the large generator and cut through its protective coverings, examining the container of FLUX. Something shifted within, and the Moogle decided there was only one solution: she broke the container’s clear wall with her metal cube, freeing the being within…

Quetzelcoatl tore loose from its restraints and immediately flattened all of the ZDF troops around it, spitting burning red venom at the Party. The fight that ensued cost was brutal, the various fighters still uncoordinated as part of a team. At the last, all of them were knocked unconscious save for Cole, and the twisted monster. An immense explosion, courtesy of the Moogle’s last action, rocked them both, though when the dust cleared, Cole was still standing, with the Quezelcoatl slowly melting at his feet.

The feathered serpent melted away into red FLUX, leaving a large yellow bird laying in its place: it gave a feeble ‘waark’ before glowing blue, turning into a tiny ball of fluff and feathers, leaving behind a yellow crystal and many questions…


The next morning, after a restorative night’s rest and healing, Cid called his superiors at Zandstra to report the situation…


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