Zandstra Corporation

‘Uplifting mankind! Providing for your needs, and caring for our world!’

A company dedicated to you and your needs, Zandstra exploded onto the world scene fifty years ago, when its Founder first began marketing the miraculous Healing draughts that could cure any wound, and most illnesses, instantly and without side effect. Within the past five decades, they’ve been the source of all technological improvement, from vehicles to medkits to weapons of war to household appliances, as well as the energy that powers them all.

With the stalwart Protectors overlooking the company’s interests as well as its treasured workforce, Zandstra has been the very model of order, even replacing many of the old Kingdoms’ policing forces with its own ZDF. Just one more way Zandstra serves you, and at no cost!

Led by five Executives, Zandstra looks out for everyone, as well as for the planet itself! Rumors of environmental damage are constantly refuted, and plenty of proof has been provided that all but the very worst accidents are being cleaned up without lasting damage.

Average Yearly Income: Incalculable
Current Number of Employees: 1,397,893
Starting Salary of Employees: 10,000 Gil per year, plus benefits and per diem
Number of Horrifyingly Dangerous Incidents: 1

Zandstra Corporation

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