The Eidolons are expressions of the Planet, its magic, and the lives of all those who dwell there.


The oldest and most powerful Eidolons are Bahamut, Solaire, and the Four Elements. These six primal forces came into being to defend the Planet at the dawn of time, when the first great threat to existence fell from the heavens.


Bahamut and Solaire are the Eidolons of Destruction and Creation, respectively, and over the course of many eons have fought to determine how life should progress on the world that spawned them.

Beyond the Primal Six, those first defenders, the Planet has created new Eidolons from the strengths and traits of all sentient life that arises within her care. Humanity, the youngest and most untested race, has inspired only the humble Chocobo. What the Chocobo lack in power, they used to make up in numbers, being the only non-singular Eidolon in existence, until Zandstra’s practices drove them to extinction.

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