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  • Cole Destrious

    Cole was raised the the company called Zandstra. His father, Milliardo is a high ranking member of the corporation, and as such Cole joined as well. however, because of the fighting prowess, Cole joined the militarized security forces of Zandstra, the " …

  • Lilith

    Hi my name is Lilith. I am a miqu'te we are the keeper of the moon. We live out on a small island out in the sea. Any who I have one small little flau, my curiosity usually gets the better of me.

  • "Zero"

    "Zero" was found hiding out in an abandoned mansion believed to be haunted. He now tries to find others who can help him fight with him in his cause to save the planet against Zandstra Co. "Zero" lost some of his memories about his past from an …

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