Titan of Earth




One of the Primal Six, this Eidolon is entrusted with the care of the Planet’s physical form, deepest cavern to highest mountain. At his strongest, Titan could easily reshape the very landscape itself as a weapon all but unmatched.


Weakened unto death by its last battle with the Parasite, Titan was transformed by the creature’s corrupting power, broken down to the undead horror, Lich. Ripping the life from all those in its presence, Lich created vast hordes of the undead, threatening to pave the way in bones for its new master.

The last remnants of the Moogle Empire managed to imprison the twisted Eidolon in its own element, deep beneath the mountains where they made their home. This decision split the survivors, those who refused to exist in the creature’s vicinity eventually leaving this world entirely.

Ultimately freed by unknowing Zandstra miners, Lich immediately stretched out its hands toward two goals: blighting the land to raise an army until its powers fully returned, and awakening its corrupted brethren. In the second regard, it was unfortunately successful…

Titan was ultimately freed by the power of our Heroes, who gave the Primal’s spirit a place to rest and restore itself, occasionally unleashing its might on their foes in the form of a summon.

Titan of Earth

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