Milliardo Destrious

Powerful Zandstra Executive


A devoted employee of Zandstra for decades, Milliardo rose up through the Protectors to become one of the Executives, meteoric rise dedicated to the care of his two sons.

After the death of his elder son, Milliardo split his care equally between the World under Zandstra, and Cole, his youngest.

Known as a fair, but demanding man, Milliardo’s position as an Executive means he has to devote more and more time to the needs of the many… but he absolutely trusts that he has done his best for his son, who follows now in his footsteps.

Put on trial for a plethora of crimes, Milliardo was eventually found guilty of Human Experimentation, saving his sons’ lives by infusing them with the natural magic of the Planet. In this, he was assisted by his oldest friend and most trusted confidante, Dr. Sennoh.

It has recently come to light that Milliardo’s elder son was lost after perpetrating a terrorist attack on the experimental FLUX-less powerplant holding Bahamut.

Milliardo Destrious

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