Doctor Z. Sennoh

Scientist and Humanist


A mysterious, but unswervingly genial figure, Dr. Sennoh is one of Zandstra’s six Executives. As head of R&D, he is in charge of every experiment, every factory, and every Eidolon captured by the Company. Though he scrupulously cares for Human lives, he has been known to treat other subjects more callously in the past.

His best friend, Milliardo Destrious, has been a much-needed anchor to the brilliant, somewhat-mad scientist, drawing him back from dangerous or morally questionable experiments.

Curiously, there seem to have been a great many ‘Doctor Sennohs’ in the past, one body found in the Ruined Lake Facility, another in the Old Kingdom’s Crumbling Palace. When questioned about this, the good Doctor has hastily explained it away with answers ranging from ‘clones’ to ‘I have many brothers, stop asking!’

Doctor Z. Sennoh

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