Final Fantasy

Save Point 1.1


Corneria was a small town, home to many past glories… but these days, it was swiftly becoming a ghost town.

Until Zandstra arrived, and declared their intention to build a power plant nearby. Families flooded back, lured by the possibility of work, and the allure of live in what promised to be a flourishing city.

Dozens of construction workers began tearing down the immense mansion, once a grand castle, where the new plant was to be built. But rumors of ghosts and many strange attacks, several nearly fatal, drove even the bravest of laborers back, until the ghosts should be appeased.

After nearly two years of delays, Zandstra dispatched three of its Protectors to resolve the issue, forcing the ‘psychic’ hired by the company to actually do his job. The leader of the trio, Cole Destrious, refused to believe in the tales of ghosts, holding that whatever bandits or tricksters squatted in the dilapidated structure could be driven out, and progress could continue.

Before Cole and his band could set out, the Innkeeper dispatched two of his temporary employees to follow the ‘psychic’ and make sure he didn’t skip town without paying his tab… again.

The first, a Content Not Found: lilith who had wandered into town without food or Gil, went for the promise of pie, and to satisfy her curiosity. The second, a Moogle with a loose understanding of ‘ownership’, followed for the promise of much pie, and perhaps to laugh at the ‘silliness’ of her companions.

As they approached the mansion, Cole’s disbelief began to fade, and the psychic began whispering about ‘terrible happenings’ and ‘cold spots’. Faces in windows, reflections of monstrous beings behind them, phantom hands throwing objects and grasping them…

The Moogle, ‘Kupo’, ventured upstairs with the curious Mithra, Lilith, Cole sticking close to them as they explored. A phantom figure rose, lights going dim, and attacked the three of them with strange powers, magic like each had never seen before.

After a brief but explosive combat, the phantasm revealed itself to be a mortal: the mysterious “Zero”, opponent to Zandstra, and a well-known terrorist… or freedom fighter. He claimed that an accident in a Zandstra factory had mutated him, twisting his form and gifting him with fell powers.

When asked about the ‘ghostly’ incidents about the house… Zero could only claim credit for a few. Downstairs, the ‘psychic medium’ suddenly rose into the air, losing his corporeal form to become a shade, tinted with a shifting red and black aura. The spirit struck out at them, largely ignoring their blows as it blasted them with magic and life-draining attacks.

Kupo danced to keep everyone alive and in the fight, Zero used his magics to strike it despite its incorporeal nature, and Cole constantly blocked its path, either to escape or to attack others. Lilith swung the final blow with her scythe, the planet’s blessing allowing the mundane weapon to finally put the spirit to rest.

The undead creature’s aura burst, covering them all in a glowing red fluid Cole and Zero both recognized: the waste from a Zandstra power plant. Each of the heroes cleaned themselves off with varying levels of disgust, Zero claiming that this waste was polluting and corrupting the kingdom, as well as the world at large.

Cole agreed not to arrest Zero just yet, and began considering what he had learned as he and his furrier companions returned to the town… to pay the medium’s tab!


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